Mother Nurture | Reviews
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We have gathered feedback from all the moms we’ve talked to while developing our products and continue to gather feedback every day. Along the way we have saved quite a few to share with moms who have not yet tried Mother Nurture Enhanced Waters and Chocolate Truffles. Here are just a few:

“I know I had a hard time keeping down my prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant, but I had no trouble keeping down chocolate! This is the answer for me.”

– Andrea

“A great way to treat yourself without feeling guilty.”

– Cheryl

“Where were these when I had my first child? I am so happy these are here for the second!”

– Karen

“I love the flavored water idea…we need a lot of water as expecting moms and adding variety with these make it more interesting.”

– Kara

“An indulgent break in my day while taking care of me and my baby!”

– Ashley

“A great idea! Chocolate is a treat many expectant moms reach for – and we are always thirsty!”

– Holly

“I have been buying Mother Nurture Waters throughout my pregnancy for a few reasons: they help me break up the monotony of just plain water, taste delicious (so much better than regular flavored water which is too bland), aren’t syrupy sweet but leave this former pop/juice drinker satisfied, and they have a little something extra for my baby! The coolest part? I can crack one open when my sugar is lower and grab a bit of cheese and not have to kill my calorie goals to manage my gestational diabetes. I’ve been able to stick to these waters and regular water and kick both pop AND juice out of my diet. I ended up gaining only 12 lbs my whole pregnancy and my baby is healthy – Mother Nurture helped me do that. I tried these at a baby fair and was shocked by how good they were – most flavored waters are pretty horrible. (Or at least take an acquired taste.) I had initial sticker shock, to be totally honest, but they were (and are) so very worth the price. Trust me, you have to try it at least once… Your taste buds’ll thank you.”

– Amber