Mother Nurture | Our Story
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Our Story

Like many stories, ours began as a simple conversation – a casual discussion among a handful of prenatal moms talking about the excitement of expecting a baby and the trade-offs required to follow the nutritional guidelines doctors recommend these days.


These guidelines include taking a prenatal vitamin every day (even if it sometimes makes you feel nauseated), eating a balanced diet rich in all the nutrients Baby needs (even when you just don’t feel like eating carrots tonight) – and maybe hardest of all, drinking a gallon of water (over 100 ounces) each day (when one more glass of plain water feels like more than you can tolerate!). The moms we overheard talking that day were asking a simple question that we have heard many times since:


“Why do I have to choose between treating myself to what I really crave and what’s good for my baby and me while I’m pregnant?“


Here at Mother Nurture®, this simple question has become the inspiration for everything we do. Since moms inspired the question, we believe the solutions should be mom-inspired tooWe’ve partnered with hundreds of moms in the process, for everything from tasting our products to be sure they are truly craveable, to testing our packaging to be sure it works for today’s on-the-go lifestyles. We even asked moms to test our website to be sure that ordering Mother Nurture is hassle-free! Along the way we expanded our listening skills to get up-to-date inputs from obstetricians, doulas, nutritionists, labor/delivery nurses, and birthing and breast feeding coaches to be sure that we continue to stay in tune with as many moms as we can!


Our story is a journey that we are taking for moms, with moms, and their babies too!

Our Mission

Mother Nurture is a mom-inspired company dedicated to empowering prenatal and breastfeeding moms with better beverage and snack choices for BOTH themselves and their babies – choices that don’t require a trade-off between taste and health.

Our Beliefs

Here are the beliefs that inspire everything we do:


  • Moms and their babies deserve healthy, all natural nourishment. 

    While the world is full of things we can choose to consume, moms and their developing babies are healthiest when the foods they eat and the beverages they drink are what Mother Nature intended – all natural, nothing artificial, non-GMO and in packaging that is always BPA-free. Our products are clean right down to their core.


  • Moms are special. 

    Moms are very special people who share their bodies, their life-giving blood and their mother’s milk with their developing babies. Moms spend countless hours patiently helping their babies develop into happy, healthy toddlers. We make products to give moms a treat along the way.


  • Moms need more choices that don’t require trade-offs. 

    Giving moms more food and beverage choices that allow them to enjoy what they are eating while doing something good for themselves and their babies will make both moms and babies happier and healthier. We won’t make products that just taste good, or products that are just “good for you.” They have to be both or they won’t carry the Mother Nurture name.


  • Foods are meant to be delicious! 

    We all want the things we eat and drink to be absolutely delicious (even if it is healthy)! At Mother Nurture, we only offer products that moms have helped us develop to be truly craveable!


  • Everyone should be treated with respect and honesty. 

    The world is simply a better place when we treat each other with respect, when we strive to be honest and forthright with each other, when we are willing to listen to each other and work together in a real way to arrive at better solutions. That’s why we partner with moms day in and day out, listening to their tough feedback at times and learning along the way to ensure that we are developing products that moms want – NOT just what we think they should want!

Our Team

Mother Nurture began as an idea inspired by moms and brought to reality by three co-founders, each of whom are parents of their own children with their own prenatal experiences and each of whom have been out in front of bringing new products to market for over 30 years. Working with over 100 companies and launching about 100 products, these three long-term innovators who became friends along the way decided it was time to put their years of experience to work on something they felt passionately about: moms having to choose between what they really want and what doctors say they really need.


Hearing prenatal and breastfeeding moms talking about making trade-offs to get the best for themselves and their babies was exactly the spark these three product developers needed to finally put their combined talents together, and to bring on board one of the premier experts on moms today to launch the Mother Nurture Line of Products.

Denise Archambault, PhD

Finding what moms need, the things that make their lives a little better—a little easier—is Denise’s passion.  As a PhD Consumer Psychologist with over 30 years experience in talking to consumers to understand their needs, the insights she’s uncovered have fueled and optimized the development of over 50 new products that are still delighting moms and their families to this day. Her strong belief that fresh, natural foods bring better nutrition to families have led to work on products like DiGiorno Fresh Pastas and Sauces, Tropicana Twister Juice Beverages, Chiquita Bites, Fresh Express Café Salads, Fresh Express Organics, Dole Chopped Salads, and Newman’s Organic Snacks. A tireless advocate for the consumer, Denise is never afraid to tell the team when they are off the mark. With Denise in the room, the voice of Mom has been represented every step of the way in developing our Mother Nurture products.

Stephen Paljieg

Stephen is a 30-year serial innovator in the consumer goods industry both in the U.S. and abroad.   While at P&G, he led the effort to develop a number of great products like Cascade Complete, Tide with a Touch of Downy, and Febreze Noticeables. While at Kimberly-Clark, he developed a passion for finding solutions to problems that moms face every day. By pioneering the Huggies MomInspired™ Program that funds the young businesses of moms, he enabled women to bring product solutions to other moms while starting up their own businesses. Stephen has also been a partner in Portfolia, a unique investment platform focused on identifying great women-led start-ups to be funded by the capital of other pioneering women angel investors.

Larry Trachtenbroit

Larry is the consummate entrepreneur with a long history of creating great-tasting food and beverage products for consumers.  Since developing his own line of cold coffee beverages that later became the Planet Java line, he has had an ongoing interest with developing beverages that delight taste buds.  He has since been involved in the development of products like Stoli Ginger Beer, Slap Energy Drinks, and Twisted Cherries Toppers. Nothing makes him happier then spending time talking to folks and then translating what they say into products that delight. Larry’s years of working in the food and beverage space ensure his access to the highest quality ingredients from all over the world. He lives to make people happy through the new products he creates time and time again.

Maria Bailey

Maria is the foremost global Marketing to Moms Expert. She’s the author of eight books on the mom market, including her latest book, Millennial Moms: 202 Facts Marketers Need to Know to Build Brands and Drive Sales (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2015). Maria is the CEO of BSM Media and founder of several award-winning websites. Maria hosts Mom Talk Radio, the #1-downloaded parenting podcast on iTunes, has appeared as an expert source in major print, online and TV articles and works with global brands to facilitate trend-setting mom marketing tactics. Maria has appeared on CNN, ESPN’s Outside the Lines and in the Wall Street Journal among other media outlets. She brings her unique niche in the mom market to bear on every contact Mother Nurture has with moms.