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Enhanced Waters and Chocolate Truffles

A treat for Mom – nutrition for Mom and Baby.

Hydrate. Nourish. Indulge.

Hydrate yourself with refreshing flavored waters or treat yourself to delicious chocolate truffles. Both contain some of the essential nutrients that you and your baby need like folic acid, DHA, Protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and choline. The ingredients in each of our nutrient blends work in harmony with prenatal vitamins. Made with all natural ingredients, nothing artificial.

All Natural Ingredients, Nothing Artificial


BPA-Free Packaging

What Moms-To-Be Are Saying

Mother Nurture Products

Deliciously indulgent products enhanced with essential prenatal nutrients.

Enhanced Waters

Good for Mom and Baby, all natural flavored waters offer a light, refreshing taste in three flavors:  Tropical Splash, Mixed Berry and Pink Grapefruit.

Enhanced Chocolate Truffles

All natural chocolate truffles offer a rich, guilt-free treat that’s good for you and your baby in two delicious flavors: Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Raspberry.

Ingredients for health. Indulgence for mom.